Dialogue with Ruth


Arco Madrid
with ChertLüdde Gallery

In conversation with the work of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt (b. 1932, Wurzen) 
Five freestanding sculptures alongside original typewriting works by Wolf-Rehfeldt. Additionally, a wallpaper covering all the walls uses the work of Wolf-Rehfeldt, and recreates the patterns of the wall painting from the exhibition O mundo real não alça voo (The real world does not take flight) (2019) at Pivo, Sao Paulo in 2018.

These patterns take inspiration from the Scott Paper Company Dress, which was invented in 1966 by American tissue product manufacturer Scott Paper Company, who created a wearable, printed paper dress that could be bought for one dollar. Originally a quirky marketing concept, the paper dress sold exponentially and was extremely popular for a short period of time. Speaking the visual language of sixties and seventies fashion and Op Art, the backdrop is also a nod to Wolf-Rehfeldt’s early interests in womenswear, seen in works such as Concrete Shoe (1970s).

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