I am nothing

Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany


curated by Susanne Weiss
The protagonist of Patrick Modiano’s novel Missing Person fears being a man whose footsteps leave a trace that lasts only for a few seconds. “I am nothing” are the words the narrator uses to start his story.

The exhibition looks back at Figure 1, a sculpture made in 2013 that has traveled to different locations and been presented in various contexts. For this occasion, the sculpture has been conducted through a multi-layered narrative, and put it in dialogue with a network of new objects and images produced for the exhibition.

The space created to host Figure 1 is an installation that draws inspiration from both the work of the Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico and a collection of documents and artifacts from the first Soviet space missions, shown in the exhibition Space: the Birth of a New Era at Pavilion No. 1 of VDNH in Moscow.