with what eyes?


Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art,
San Francisco, CA, USA

curated by Diego Villalobos
Decentering the human subject, the exhibition begins with a simple question posed by the Mexican philosopher David M. Peña-Guzmán: Are humans the only dreamers on Earth?

In thinking through this query, Hernández contracts and expands the exhibition space through temporary walls and apertures, making us aware of how we occupy space. Akin to a scientific experiment on animal cognition or the fragmented arrangement of a dreamscape, Hernández’s spatial configurations are an exercise in perspective and perception, a hallucinatory mise en scène.

Considering the exhibition medium as analogous to a dream, Hernández presents a new body of work that oscillates between the 2D and 3D plane, representation and abstraction, the human and nonhuman. Our efforts to access the unique experience of a nonhuman animal—its umwelt—amount to an impossible task, where we encounter a conceptual line that cannot be crossed. Yet we can still represent or picture that line, or, as Hernández says, “have an intuition of where that line sits.”

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